Frank Sapareto for Speaker

“We need a leader that knows how the Senate works and has been there.”

I have served in the legislature since 1997 on the House Ways & Means and ED & A committees as well as 3 Senate committees. I have been Vice-Chairman of House Criminal Justice and Public Safety this term. I have experience presiding over the House for 1 bill.

Over the years I’ve become quite discouraged at the cooperation between House and Senate Republicans. If we believe in so much of the same things, then why can’t we get them done? I have no baggage to previous leadership teams. I won’t back down from a fight, but I’m not looking for one either. If you believe as I do that a fair and balanced speaker can either resolve issues or put us on a path to final resolution, then I need your support as speaker of the New Hampshire House of Representatives.

As Speaker I would:

  • Allow members of Leadership to speak against the committee report if a sufficient number of Republicans voted against the report.
  • When the House suspends the rules and more time is allotted to deal with bills, I would adjourn & take up those bills when a majority of Republicans are present rather than lose the issues.
  • Return back to the days when we had to press the button for mileage so we can retain our majority
  • Replace committee chairs/members with members that have subject matter experience in their committee mandates
  • Restore legislative involvement/oversight in the various departments and agencies
  • Insist the Senate Republicans have a presence at our caucus and vice versa
  • These and other sensible ideas are what I’ve heard from you, my colleagues. Together, we can make these happen.

Frank Sapareto In The News

Significant issues and legislation Frank has been a part of over the years.


This should be our year to further the common sense principles we all share as Republicans.

Too often in other years, Senate Republicans are at odds with House Republicans. We see this with “Chrismas Tree bills” at the end of session. With Republicans in the majority THIS SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN. Since we intrinsically agree on most bills, there is no reason we can’t accomplish our goals. “Pride of Authorship” is generally the basis of failures. I plan to have a Republican House and Senate member in the other’s caucus. This will go along way in coordinating Republican legislation we can agree on.

I don’t know of anyone who completely agrees with 100% of our platform. I promise to put any disagreement I may have aside if my fellow Republicans decide otherwise. If we’ve not met yet, I have always been fair and upfront on my positions. I have always kept my word to my colleagues in all my years of service. I am a strong and ardent supporter of veteran’s issues.

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