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I have served in the legislature since 1997 on the House Ways & Means, ED & A committees, as well as 3 Senate committees. I have seen large Republican majorities and time when we just couldn’t win anything. I have served in the Senate the last time we had a Republican governor. Over the years, I’ve become quite discouraged at the cooperation between House and Senate Republicans. If we believe in so much of the same things, why can’t we get them done? It begins with cooperation among us. We need a leader that was elected by a majority of us, and someone who knows how the Senate works and has been there.

This is why I’m entering the race for speaker of the New Hampshire House of Representatives.

Some of you who have served this past term may not know me, but I have always dealt with my colleagues with respect and have always kept my word. I have no baggage to previous leadership teams. I have never been in any house leadership position or owed any favors, and have frequently spoken out against Republican or Democrat speakers whom I believed were on the wrong side of the issue.

In 2006, I was one of three nominees by the State Legislature for State Treasurer.

Most of you know I won’t back down from a fight, but I’m not looking for one either. I have nothing negative to say about the other candidates for this race. They’re all hard-working individuals who believe in what they do and provide a great service to the communities. But this year, we have the issues of an opioid crisis, Claremont X, cannabis and gambling issues. We need to know the difference between cannabis and opioids, a detailed understanding of the Claremont ruling (I was Amicus Curiae on Claremont 1), decriminalizing cannabis, and, finally, a resolution to the perpetual gambling issue.

Elect Frank Sapareto as Speaker of the House


f you believe, as I do, that a fair and balanced speaker can either resolve these issues or put us on a path to final resolution, then I need your support as speaker of the New Hampshire House of Representatives.

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